Pot Luck Fiction Friday – Director’s Cut

I cobbled together this post from the Realm Makers Alumni Facebook group. I asked members to post one sentence each to continue a story from my writing prompt. Here is the result:

Hilbert Space

Selwyn frowned. “What’s gone wrong with my wormhole?”

Jasic glanced over from where he crunched popcorn from a coffee mug, then looked back at his monitor, where Kevin Sorbo strode across the bridge of a spaceship. “Whataya mean? It was fine when I checked it this morning.”

“What do you mean what do I mean? That part was played by Sylvester Stalone, not Kevin Sorbo. Something happened.”

“Cut! yelled the director. No one was sure of her name.

We noticed a single red light blinking on the side of a camera. But who had brought such an ancient device to the set?

A heavy emotion, almost like a thick fog, swept over the set. The opposite of deja vu, suddenly everything that was supposed to be familiar looked odd and out of place–as if never seen before. Puzzled case and crew exchanged perplexed glances.

The director wept.

Before anyone could console her, a swirling vortex appeared near the door.

“Cut! Cut! CUT! She screamed as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge sucked her in.

Selwyn smiled. “That’s one way to get rid of a terrible director.”