Mad Scientist Pot Luck Fiction – Story #4

human astrophysicist

Here’s the next installment in Pot Luck Fiction. I posted a sentence prompt on Facebook, then asked commenters to add a sentence to continue the story. Here is the results:

“It’s alive,” Shawn whispered.

He then grabbed a LONG stick and poked at the object of his fascination, carefully, so as not to cause it to make any sudden moves.

The creature let out a shrill shriek and opened one bulbous, purple eye. Its long, yellow eyelashes fluttered in the sliver of light that came through the hole in the roof. It slowly smiled, revealing perfect, white, shiny teeth.

“How do you keep your teeth so white?” I asked.

“Wailing and gnashing works wonders for those pearly whites.” It flicked one of its four tails within a hair’s-breadth of my feet. “Bones is best.”

Before I had a chance to process its last comment, those sharp teeth were embedded deep in my femur.

I managed to nod at Shawn as the beast crunched my bones. He pressed the button. As more monsters entered through the portal, the bomb we’d placed “just in case” ticked down. Too bad it would take out the town, but better that than something worse entering this world.

Mad Scientist Pot Luck Fiction — Story #3

Need Lightning?

Need Lightning?

Welcome! I tried an experiment on Facebook. I asked people to respond to my post, which was the first sentence of a flash-fiction piece. The idea was that each comment would build on the previous ones, creating a short story.

Here’s the next story in the series:

“Is that weather control machine working yet? ‘Cause if it is, can you make this rain go somewhere else now? Southern California could sure use it.” Mike shivered under his umbrella that did little to keep him dry from the deluge.

George scowled. “Because four feet of snow in 24 hours is really quite enough, thank you. That was last week.”

Pattie shook her head. “Who did you say just took over the Weather Headquarters? Please say it isn’t the nerd who thinks he can command the rain to fall where he wants it.”

“Actually, it is.” Fred grinned. “I’m the nerd. And if you guys don’t shut up, I’ll show you what this little baby can do. Tornado, anyone?”

Mad Science Pot Luck Fiction — Story #2

Here are the results from my latest Facebook prompt:

John’s Tesla coil vaporized the mayor before he could turn it off.

Fortunately, the mayor was not up for re-election the next year, or this may have been a REAL problem!

He really should have set up the receiving system first. Now there was no way of predicting where or when the mayor would appear.

Too bad it hadn’t controlled the weather like it was supposed to.